Sailing Week Report

I would like to thank all who have made Sailing Week such a success, particularly Mary and her helpers who provided the soup and buns at lunch time and included Jenny Spark, Michelle Mackie, Anne Downing, Hilary Cope, Jane Osborne, Julia Brown and all the coffee makers.

James Graham oversaw a great bonfire. His old windows burned beautifully. The Mary and Lucy’s quiz was an enjoyable challenge and Jane Darcy and Lance Cope’s team are on for next year’s quiz, my leach and my luff will never be same again! Addie Benson’s HEART START talk was great and members would like to do more of this. A big thank to James Mackie who came from his sick bed to be with us and to those who travelled a great distance including the Spark family who travelled from Suffolk to compete, Katie will be sailing at the Cadet World Dinghy Championships this year in Argentina representing BSC and GB, Fiona and Emma who flew in from California to provide us with a great film, the Vice Commodore, James who traveled, not the 500 miles the Proclaimers sing about, but a 1000 miles, driven back and forth during the past week to attend to his other duties and also to be with us . To David Dobbin, Tony Peereboom, the OODs, Race Officers and crews who signed up throughout the week and made the racing happen, a big thank you.

A special mention for Richard Benson and Alastair Macfie who performed magnificently in the recovery of the crew and the upturned boat. Oh for a camera on the water to record their very professional and considered recovery of the capsized boat. Richard has also contributed to sailing improvement with a session on rigging your boat for racing which I attended. I was a little deflated to be informed that my Wanderer was not a performance craft but was pleased to be subsequently complimented on the set of my sails. Richard has expressed a desire to contribute further to training and coaching within the club.

Now to the Sailing, conditions have been challenging this Sailing Week. It started with very light winds which were a challenge for the sailors.

The Rear Commodores Cannon was unable to be raced. Katie Spark won the Cook Trophy, Allcomers Trophy, Beadnell Burgee Cup, Ladies Helm and the Junior Helm. The T A B Forster and the Regatta Cup were won by Chris Spark. The Fluff Trophy wasconvincingly won by Simon Hayward in his Devon Yawl. A special mention was made of David Mackie who sailed from Holy Island to join the race for which the Burton Trophy was awarded. The Newton Picnic was a great day out with a brisk walk and an even brisker sail back for those competing in the Old Riley Plate which was won by a much restored James Mackie. The Gentleman’s Helm was won by Gordon Brown who managed to slip in ahead of our steely Vice-commodore to win the prize.

The Beadnell Peculiar, the paddle powered peg collecting extravaganza with everything moving in the bay, including the finish line, was won by Isabel Hayward who, with her dad, shows great promise in this evolving event!. There were special prizes awarded to two very important people, our youngest contestant Erin Mackie in a Kayak and our oldest contestant Tony Peereboom in an inflatable dinghy. Well done!

The Novices Trophy was awarded for spirit and commitment this Sailing Week and Lance Cope was greeted with wondrous applause as he collected his trophy. The Seamanship Trophy was awarded to Richard Benson and Alastair Macfie for their very commendable rescue boat skills.

The beach games, BBQ and Fancy dress that concluded this sailing week were a great success. Well done George Lee for winning the adult section.

Thank you to all who contributed to making this a great Sailing Week.


Gordon Pearston.



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