At the Helm

Well here we are well into not only sailing season but also my second term as commodore. The ongoing upgrade of clubhouse facilities has seen the new tables,benches and chairs sourced and in place. Thanks to all involved in the project. Sailing week has arrived and gone unfortunately even the best laid plans of mice and commodores cant take account of the weather!! However everyone pulled together races got raced and the social events went down a treat. Another vote of thanks to all. Yesterday the club held its annual fete for the RNLI and can i just say what a fantastic day we had. Special thanks to Carol and Gerard for organising so much and also to the myriad of members who stuck in on the day. A fantastic sum in excess of £2000 raised. Give yourselves a major pat on the back folks a truly tremendous effort. Its getting closer the cocktail party all are warmly welcome by myself and Marina. Not only is it a long established event but it is our chance to thankyou you all for all the support not only this year but for the six years i have served as your flag officer. Better not forget the birthday bash as well. Lets make the bank holiday weekend a one to remember.

Ian R Stewart



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