At the Helm

Another Easter has arrived and along with the (nearly) spring weather we will soon be seeing the sights and sounds of a busy boat park and owners getting to grips with sorting boats after the winter lay up. The clubhouse facilities are up and running and nearly ready for the long weekend. After a great deal of deliberation i can announce the winner of the wind vane competition!! Congratulations go to Jane Osborne can i just say the entries were fantastic and my thanks go to all of you who sent entries in. I am now in the process of having it manufactured. I am sure you are all aware of the activities around the moorings. The moorings committee are also aware and along with myself have been working behind the scenes. We will be looking for volunteers to help clearing any obstructions that will hinder the operations and safety of boats and people on launch day. Finally all that is left to say both myself and Marina hope you all have a great weekend

Ian R Stewart



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